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You can find many activities located not far from the apartments: bowling, pool, shows...

For other activities, you will need to have a means of transportation: walks around the lakes of the Orient forest, Nigloland amusement park, etc.

For more information the tourist office is located on the square opposite the apartment and documentation of the main attractions and visits is available to you on the shelves located in the stairwell.

We obviously remain at your service to give you sound advice.


Mc arthur Glen

Visiting Troyes also means strolling the streets of the city and doing shopping. For this the streets: Emile Zola, General Saussier and Georges Clémenceau will be ideal.


The must-sees in Troyes :

Emile Zola street is the city's main shopping street


Les Modettes (jewelry creation ) - (go)


Zolane Vintage (textile fashion and retro accessories) - (go)


Garçon Français (French underwear brand made in France) - (go)


Antiquités du Musée (ancient objects) - (go)


Les Passeurs de textes (independent bookstore) - (go)  

close to Troyes :

MCARTHURGLEN (outlet shopping center, shopping center bringing together factory outlets... the best of the 2 outlet centers.) - (go) 

MARQUES AVENUE (outlet shopping center, shopping center with factory outlets.) - (go) 

Le 3 x plus is a performance hall that can accommodate up to 180 people seated where you can discover amateur and experienced actors and comedians at very competitive prices. There is also a show and restaurant option since the room is adjacent to the restaurant "Le Bistroquet". Enough to spend a superb evening!

More information

For all other shows that take place in the theatres and performance halls of the city we invite you to go to la maison du boulanger. You can also visit their website. You will be able to see the entire program.

More information

3 x + Troyes

Shows & concerts

Amusement park

Nigloland is an amusement park located in Dolancourt in the French department of Aube.

Founded by two brothers and former fairground workers, Patrice and Philippe Gélis, it opened its doors on June 13, 1987. The name of the park comes from that of its mascot, “Niglo”, which means hedgehog in the Romani language (original language of the Romani people). 

The park is divided into four themed areas: Canadian Village, Rock 'n' Roll Village, Wonder Village and Swiss Village.

Its attendance reached 655,000 visitors in 2018, the record since its creation.

We highly recommend!

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The Forêt d'Orient Regional Natural Park is a French regional natural park located in the Aube department. Created in 1970, it is one of the first five regional natural parks created in France.

With an area of 80,000 ha, it brings together 58 municipalities (58 municipalities signatories to the 2010-2021 Charter) representing a population of approximately 23,000 inhabitants.

This park is home to large reservoir lakes (5,000 ha), nestled in deep forests and framed, to the west and east, by rolling limestone eminences. There are 106 private ponds listed where high quality fishing is developed.
These artificial lakes are part of the system for regulating the flow of the Seine in place since the mid-1960s. The structures (dykes and supply and restitution canals) are managed by the Interdepartmental Institution of Dams. Reservoirs of the Seine Basin. An institution of the city of Paris, they also manage the Lakes of Der-Chantecoq and Pannecière. The birth of the lakes makes this territory a place of passage for migratory birds coming from the north and on their way to the warm lands of Africa.

The Park also includes 25,000 ha of forest where oaks and hornbeams predominate, a large part of which is private. The timber sector is the region's largest employer.

You can enjoy many activities in this natural park (hiking, water games, swimming, etc.) and for each lake that constitutes it, you will discover different activities. (More information about activities)

More information on the Natural Park... 

Orient Region Natural Park

Movie theater

However, if the weather turns bad or if you want to spend your evening watching a good film, don't hesitate to go to this cinema with its superb rooms. The Ice room uses a 4K laser projector which offers unique image quality and DolbyAtmos sound offers you exceptional sound precision.

The reclining club chairs developed specifically for the ICE room offer you all the comfort you need to fully enjoy your premium cinema session.

In addition, in this room you choose your seats in advance by paying online.

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CGR Troyes
Bowling Troyes

Located in the heart of the city of Troyes, behind the cinema,
The bowling alley consists of a modern structure equipped with 18 synthetic lanes, a complete sound system, a seminar room, 10 pool tables and arcade games.

More information

Bowling des 3 Seine


The largest pool center in Troyes is located at the 3 Seines bowling alley.

More information

You can also find 2 pool tables, a table football and two pinball machines in the city center of Troyes in the Tricasse bar.

More information 

patinoire de Troyes

This ice rink has a 1,456 m² skating space, a locker room with 800 pairs of figure or hockey skates (sizes from 25 to 47), a particularly well-designed sound and light atmosphere, and a cafeteria space of 70 m². Everything so that you have a pleasant time with friends or family.

More information

3 Seine ice rink

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